Te Whakaahua


Cast & Crew

This film was a co-production with Dave Roil, and involved a small cast & crew of about 12 people whose names can be found in the credits of the film.



Te Whakaahua (The Portrait) is an 8 minute showcase for Dave Roil's anti-fashion hand sewn garments based around the first vote for women in Aotearoa (1893) and what successive generations of Matriarchs might have done with that.


This short film was produced as part of The Unholy Trinity Exhibition at Potocki Paterson Gallery which ran from 23rd - 31st of August 2019 and it also screened at the 2020 Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

About the Film

The intent behind this short was for Dave to reveal what inspired him to create his latest line of garments. While conducting a fashion shoot to get photos at Dransfield House, he struck upon the idea to make a short film about his work to show during his next exhibition.

Dave approached us in late April 2019 with the idea, and we quickly assembled a team to put it together before the exhibition opened. Photos of the exhibition are below, and we felt that the film provided an interesting trans-media experience when combined with the exhibition.