Bad Man


About the Series

Bad Man is a series of nine dark, satirical sketches that deal with themes such as Crime, Religion, War, and Misogyny in an amusing way. The show features a variety of locations, time periods, and characters...

Cast & Crew

The production was mounted by a small crew consisting of Stephen Riddell (Producer, Editor, Sound Engineer), Michelle Mae Cameron (Director of Photography), Mark Papalii (Gaffer), Kyle Duligall (Camera Assistant). The cast for each episode of the show are credited below:

This show was written and directed by a Wellington artist who pitched the idea to Stephen Riddell in 2017. However, this artist got cold feet after we completed production and decided not to finish making the series.

As we had already shot a bit of footage, Stephen negotiated permission to finish and release it on the condition that we not associate the artist with their show in anyway. Hence we have credited Alan Smithee as the writer/director of Bad Man.

NAZIS #1, #2, #3

Colonel: Alexander Sparrow
Soldier: Oliver Probert
Doctor: Hans Fritzenmeyer


Andy: Andrew Galt
Brad: Hamish Boyle
Carl: Jordan Rivers

CRIME #1, #2

Bob: Jordan Rivers
Frank/Thief: Brendan West
Tyson Freenum: Hugo Randall
Girl in Bed: Michelle Mae Cameron


Priest: Brendan West
Confessor #1: Andrew Galt
Confessor #2: Branka Vikich


Prophet: Salasopa Siloata
Follower: Chromatic Semitone


Reporter: Stacey King
Journalist: Hamish Boyle
John Frasier: Stefan Alderson
Gutter Rat #1: Branka Vikich
Gutter Rat #2: Brendan West